Similar Titles

Books may share themes, subjects, or similar protagonists with others, but they each bring something special to their story.Sometimes books will deal with not just the same themes or topic as another, but also the same plot points. In the last couple months I've run into a couple sets of books that have much in... Continue Reading →

Big Day on the River

For the love of books, old, is where we start. While 17 years old isn’t old for a person, or even a book, I’m going to use “old” to refer to books that are too old to be considered comp titles. So if it’s over five years old you’re not going to find it on... Continue Reading →

Reading Picture Books at Every Age

Picture books are primarily for children who are old enough to engage with stories but young enough to (usually) not read for themselves, but a good picture book can delight a reader of any age. That doesn't mean every person will love each book the same way, or even that they will all love the... Continue Reading →

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