Summer Photo Challenge

Two SistersTheme: So Close This year I decided to try a square foot gardening approach to the three sisters planting technique.While the beans and corn have been loving each other's company, the squashes were barely saved from squirrel interference and are doing fine elsewhere.

I’m a Duck!

I'm a Duck!Story and pictures by Teri SloatPublished 2006 I'm a Duck follows a mallard drake from being born to finding a mate. Told in rhyme, it celebrates his joy in his webbed feet, wings, and everything else about being a duck. Though most of the book he's an adult duck, the sense of wonder... Continue Reading →

Summer Photo Challenge

Calm WaterTheme: Miss the Boat I could sit here and wait for ages in the hopes of catching a boat, but the only ones riding this little stretch are toys and once they're downstream... they're gone, rolling on through the watershed. THIS 2021 WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE #2021picoftheweek

Can We Be Friends

Can We Be Friends? Unexpected Animal Friendships from Around the WorldWords and art by Erica SirotichPublished 2020 Can We Be Friends is cute and fun, and also 100% non-fiction!Told in a mix of rhymes and side block text, it is informative while still keeping young readers engaged. There‚Äôs 8 lines of rhyme on a full... Continue Reading →

Summer Photo Challenge

Monarch ReleaseTheme: Small Creatures One of summer's joys is keeping an eye on the Monarchs that frequent my milkweed. As some of them are in a high traffic area, I also raise some of the caterpillars to make sure they survive to become butterflies. Hopefully, this lovely lady's offspring will be numerous and make their... Continue Reading →


TadWords and art by Benji DaviesPublished 2019 Tad is a frog, but not quite yet - almost a frog. With all her tadpole siblings, she swims and grows and fears Big Blub, the huge fish that lives at the bottom of the pond. As Tad's siblings grow and lose their tails, they start disappearing... one... Continue Reading →

Summer Photo Challenge

Maria Antonia shared a photo challenge for the summer. I've never done one before, but it looks like a fun way to think about the pictures I take and be more intentional about taking non-people photos. The theme I picked for this week is Sweetness. Black raspberries are one of my favorite summer treats. They're... Continue Reading →

Rissy No Kissies

Rissy No KissiesWords by Katey HowesIllustrated by Jess EnglePublished 2021 Rissy is a lovebird. An adorable little green and yellow lovebird. Rissy is sweet and respectful but Rissy does not like kissies. What to do? Lovebirds show love by giving and receiving kissies... right? Rissy has a plan, one to make everyone, herself included, feel... Continue Reading →

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