Who is Singing?

Who is Singing?
Words by Janet Halfmann
Illustrations by Chrissy Chabot
Published 2021

Have you ever been outside listening to the whistles, tweets, and whoos and wondered who you were listening to? In a beginners introduction to bird songs, Who Is Singing connects the sounds of several common American birds to their visual identification traits.

I particularly enjoyed that birds weren’t only identified by their colors, but also, among other things, by their movements and migration (or lack thereof). The text is sparse, but it conveys the right amount of information for the age group to start their own bird watching journey.

The art is bright and colorful and sure to grab a child’s attention.

The book includes a full page of backmatter with extra bird facts, all accessible to children but with a few that might even teach an adult something new.

Overall, good for ages 3-6 or a 2 year old if they like sitting to read.

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