Scribbly, A Real Imaginary Friend Tale
Written and illustrated by Ged Adamson
Published 2021

After moving to a new town, Maude finds all sorts of new, fun things to do and see but finds there’s one thing missing: a friend.
With a little creativity she draws up Scribbly, the perfect imaginary friend. Mom is skeptical, but supportive, and Maude learns to branch out without making herself uncomfortable.

This is such a wonderful, gentle story. There’s some internal struggles that drive the story forward, but overall it’s a celebration of the joy of having an imaginary friend and the way kids truly love their imaginary friends. There’s no pressure for Maude to give up Scribbly, or that it’s why she needs to make friends. Scribbly is a positive feature in her life and even when she grows and situations change, Scribbly can be part of that too.

The art is bright and clear. It’s not busy, it fits with the softness of the story, but there’s something new and delightful to see on every page.

I think this is a great story for kids, they really enjoy it and can connect with that sense of security Maude gets from having Scribbly with her. I also think it would be a good one for parents to read aloud if they’re uncertain about their kid having imaginary friends.

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