Chemical Reactions

Chemical Reactions
(with science projects)
By Dr. Susan Berk Koch
Art by Micah Rauch

While I primarily focus on picture books on my blog, this was one I wanted to share here as well.

Kids love science, and especially they love love love the experiments!

With text that is easy and fun to read, this is a great starter for kids who are interested in chemistry. It covers the basics like “what is matter?” and “what are atoms?” but also goes into the difference between solutions and compounds. There’s some history and background and every section has multiple experiments

One of my favorite lines is “Baking is an endothermic reaction” because I love kitchen chemistry (and kitchen math). But it’s also an example of how accurate, scientific terms are used in the text and then defined and applied with vocabulary and examples that are accessible and enjoyable to young independent readers.

Good for 2nd grade and up, and would be particularly helpful as a supplement for 3rd-5th graders who are doing a chemistry unit at school or at home.

Find it at Nomad Press, the publisher, and on Amazon. Available for preorder now, it releases on October 15th.
(As an aside, Nomad Press’s Fairground Physics was also a bit hit.)

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