Yay for Big Brothers!

Yay for Big Brothers!
Written by Janet Halfmann
Art by Shennen Bersani
Published 2021

We often think of animal families as not having overlapping groups of babies. Some animals don’t even care for their young at all. But in Yay for Big Brothers we see several different types of animals where the big kids stick around and help with the younger ones.

With simple descriptions of the interactions of the big brothers with their younger siblings, like carrying them or showing them tasty foods, it engages kids immediately. Every spread also has a question that takes what the animal does and helps a big brother think about it and relate it to their experience. The questions are a fantastic way to prepare for a new baby or the many adjustments that come from having a little sibling. But if you have a kid who isn’t a big brother (or sibling), you can read the non-fiction text alone.

The art is realistic and soft, it’s reminiscent of classic picture books with especially high appeal to fans of Jan Pfloog.

And, for teachers or anyone with curious readers, there are four pages of backmatter! It includes a glossary, extra questions, different types of animal family units, and more. This would be great both for a story time read aloud or a lesson supplement. Best for pre-k through 3rd, but is enjoyable for anyone who reads picture books. The backmatter taught me new things and I’m an adult.

Yay for Big Brothers! releases on November 2nd, and you can find preorder links from all your favorite online bookshops here. You can order copies in English or Spanish.

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  1. Katie, thanks so much for this fantastic review. It captures the book perfectly! I hope this book helps all big brothers (and sisters) realize how important and special they are!


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