I Want a Boat

I Want a BoatWords by Liz Garton ScanlonIllustrated by Kevan AtteberryPublished 2021 What do you do when you want a boat but all you have is a box? Add some imagination and, voila: creation. We follow the little girl through building up the perfect boat, to finding a good crew, and then running into a... Continue Reading →

Birthday Birthday Writing Contest

The kidlit community keeps giving back and helping each other, it's a great "place" to be. Amy Leskowski and Gennie Gorback are hosting a birthday themed writing contest for their shared birthday, so happy birthday Amy and Gennie! The rules are to write a kid friendly story in under 101 words and to include at... Continue Reading →

Blueberries for Sal

Blueberries for SalBy Robert McCloskeyPublished 1948 The theme for this blog is “for the love of books, old and new” because books are beautiful. The only blogging issue is that there are so many fantastic new books it’s hard to chose which ones to cover, and thus I haven’t been featuring many old favorites. To... Continue Reading →

Amara and the Bats

Amara and the BatsWords and art by Emma ReynoldsPublished 2021 Amara loves bats! She loves how cute they are, she loves bat facts, she loves watching them fly around at dusk, she loves everything about them. But when she moves there's one small problem: there aren't bats around. Amara takes the initiative, even though she's... Continue Reading →

Dessert Island

Dessert IslandWords and art by Ben ZhuPublished 2021 Monkey and Fox find themselves stranded on separate islands. Fox on a bare desert island, Monkey on a lush... dessert island.Each of them finds things to do, eating or planting. But when the rain comes it's a blessing for one and a disaster for the other. Told... Continue Reading →

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