Looking for a Jumbie

Looking for a JumbieWritten by Tracey BaptisteIllustrated by Amber RenPublished 2021 Naya's mama says there are no such things as Jumbies, so at night Naya goes looking for one. In the dark woods, shadowy figures appear but instead of being scary, they decide to go along with Naya's plan to find a real Jumbie. Looking... Continue Reading →


ErgoWritten by Alexis DeaconIllustrated by Viviane SchwarsPublished 2021 Ergo wakes up to find herself as the entirety of everything she can see. Ergo is the universe... at least she thinks so until she discovers the wall. The wall is not Ergo, so Ergo isn't everything. So what is outside Ergo? Does it have wings and... Continue Reading →

Our Little Kitchen

Our Little Kitchenby Jillian TamakiPublished 2020 Come enjoy the bustle of a community kitchen. With simple text that varies between speech bubbles and standard text, we follow the meal from tending the community garden to sitting down and sharing with neighbors. The art takes center stage on many pages as we see things like chopping... Continue Reading →

Valentiny 2022

Several times a year Susanna Hill challenges kidlit writers to stretch their writing muscles and work from a prompt. For this year's Valentiny it's a 214 word (or less) Valentine's story about someone feeling proud.You can check out all the awesome entries here. Eva Valentina's DayWC 199 On Friday, Mr. Goss said next week would... Continue Reading →

Ten Beautiful Things

Ten Beautiful ThingsWritten by Molly Beth GriffinIllustrated by Maribel LechugaPublished 2021 Lily is taking a trip out to Iowa to live with her Gram. It's a big trip and they start in the dark before sunrise. Lily feels uncertain about going to this "empty" land and so Gram decides they should try to find ten... Continue Reading →

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