SpringFling 2022

It’s that springy time of year again, and thanks to Ciara O’Neal and Kaitlyn Sanchez there’s another year of the Spring Fling KidLit contest where the challenge is to write a 1-150 word kids story based on a springy gif.

GIF from Tenor

Master of the Block
WC 130

I am the cruncher of leaves,

            The smasher of icicles,

            The stomper of puddles.

I am the master of the block.

It is mine, all mine.


Who is that?

They are hopping in my puddle.


I am the zipper of jackets,

            The wazooper of boots,

            The slammer of doors.

I am the master of the block!

They might make it dirty.

They might spatter all the water away.

They might not leave room for me!

I clump-clomp over, ready to tell them to scram when…


I am dripping from my ears

            Squishing round my elbows

            Sloshing in my toes.

I can’t BELIEVE they DID that!

I believe they should stay…

To teach me to kaploosh, like a fountain.

For I am the master of the block!

24 thoughts on “SpringFling 2022

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  1. Love the wordplay and pizzazz, Katie. Water provides many things, but puddle jumping reigns supreme! Good luck!


  2. Haha! I love the master of the block refrain! I can just picture that kid. It’s so fun to read with all the descriptions, like the stomper of puddles. Very kid relatable!


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