Bake Infinite Pie With X+Y

Bake Infinite Pie with X+Y
Written by Eugenia Cheng
Illustrated by Amber Ren
Published 2022

X and Y are two kids who love pie and want lots of pie – infinite pie! How can one get infinite pie, and does it even exist? X and Y work together with their Aunt Z to explore math concepts.

Books that introduce math facts in a fun and engaging manner are absolute winners, and this is definitely one of them. There’s hijinks, messes, sibling silliness, and all of it wrapped up in a fun, STEM plot.

The art on each page is bright and full of interest! Kids love to sit down and page through on their own in addition to story time reads.

Great for ages 4 and up for snuggly story time or with the recipe in the backmatter. It’s good as part of a math lesson – yes, even a fifth grader can enjoy this and learn something. And it would also be a sweet gift for the math lover of any age in your life.

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