When Cloud Became a Cloud – PPBF

When Cloud Became a Cloud
Written and illustrated: Rob Hodgson
Publisher: Rise x Penguin Workshop, 2021
Recommended ages: 3-8
Themes: science, weather, STEM, water cycle, working together
Non-fiction/informational fiction

Synopsis: Cloud didn’t use to be a cloud, she used to be part of the lake and then the evaporated droplets formed together into Cloud. She loves to travel and with the help of Sun and Wind gets to experience snowing, raining, and even some fuzzing-buzzing kabooming before coming back to lake and finding a new friend.

First page:
The sky is empty. The lake is full of water.

Resources: Water cycle experiments, Cotton ball cloud craft (ages 3-5), Cloud classification craft (ages 5-8)

This book feels perfect to me because it gets kids engaged in the STEM lesson through bright art and humor. The use of “chapters” to show different parts of the water cycle helps kids interact with the book on the first read through by identifying and saying the numbers. Overall, it works great as both a story time book and as part of a science lesson.

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  1. I’ve read this one, and have enjoyed it. For older kids, It would be interesting to pair with other water cycle picture books, like Water is Water, to do a compare and contrast in the ways two different authors approach the topic.

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