Amah Faraway

Amah Faraway
Written by Margaret Chiu Greanias
Illustrated by Tracy Subisak
Published 2022

Kylie and her mom fly across the Pacific to visit her Amah. She’s nervous and feels a bit out of place at first, but with time the in-person connection grows and it becomes hard to think of leaving to go home.

This book is a masterpiece of what creators can do to make a book unique and give it depth that a child will love to delve into. The Reverso format feels so natural to the story you can be nearly at the end before you catch on that it’s happening, and the art brings a vibrance to it – especially in the ways it also plays on the Reverso mirroring.

Particularly because of the format, Amah Faraway is one that kids can enjoy reading twice in a row every time you read because there’s more and more to notice.

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