FallWritingFrenzy 2022

It's time again for the FallWritingFrenzy hosted by Lydia Lukidis and Kaitlyn Sanchez and guest hosted by Alyssa Reynoso-Morris. Thank you all for your hard work in making this fun contest a go for the fourth year in a row. Tricky Northern HalloweenWC 110 (picture: empty street, #11, credit Daniele Colucci - Unsplash) In the... Continue Reading →

SpringFling 2022

It's that springy time of year again, and thanks to Ciara O'Neal and Kaitlyn Sanchez there's another year of the Spring Fling KidLit contest where the challenge is to write a 1-150 word kids story based on a springy gif. GIF from Tenor Master of the BlockWC 130 I am the cruncher of leaves,            ... Continue Reading →

50 Precious Words 2022

Image by Monstera via Pexels It's time for 50 Precious Words again, thanks to Vivian Kirkfield for organizing and coordinating it! Also, even if you aren't participating you can support her literacy initiative through her local bookstore, The Bookery. The challenge: write a full story for kids in 50 words or less. You can read... Continue Reading →

Valentiny 2022

Several times a year Susanna Hill challenges kidlit writers to stretch their writing muscles and work from a prompt. For this year's Valentiny it's a 214 word (or less) Valentine's story about someone feeling proud.You can check out all the awesome entries here. Eva Valentina's DayWC 199 On Friday, Mr. Goss said next week would... Continue Reading →

Birthday Birthday Writing Contest

The kidlit community keeps giving back and helping each other, it's a great "place" to be. Amy Leskowski and Gennie Gorback are hosting a birthday themed writing contest for their shared birthday, so happy birthday Amy and Gennie! The rules are to write a kid friendly story in under 101 words and to include at... Continue Reading →

Halloweensie 2021

Halloweensie time has rolled around again. Susanna Leonard Hill has been running it for 11 years now, but it's only my second time participating. I had a lot of fun last year, and am excited to see what everyone has written. The premise is write a Halloween themed story in 100 words or fewer and... Continue Reading →

Fall Writing Frenzy 2021: Dear Fall

Pumpkins, changing leaves, comfy sweaters. It's that time of year again.Fall Writing Frenzy time, that is. Many thanks to Kaitlyn and Lydia for again hosting this wonderful, community-building event and to Ameerah for being a guest judge. For more information, click here. To see the other awesome entries, click here. Dear Fall: A Calendar StoryBy... Continue Reading →

SpringFling KidLit Contest 2021

https://i.pinimg.com/originals/14/51/5d/14515da4f03f3bac5f3f8a78f42d3120.gif Source Don't Snore, Snowdrops (wc 141) “Spring! Spring! Spring!” Little Snowdrop bounces in delight. “Let’s stand tall together, bright and beautiful!” grumble slump go Snowdrop’s siblings.“Shush Snowdrop.”“It’s still snowy.”“Let us sleep!”“There’s so much sunshine!” Snowdrop glows with happiness.Sun is just the thing to get everyone’s stalks standing straight.But Snowdrop’s brothers pretend they can’t hear.... Continue Reading →

50 Precious Words 2021

I've tried my hand at several writing contests, and they've all given me something to practice and learn. That's why when I heard of Vivian Kirkfield's 50 Precious Word contest I knew I had to at least try. Write a complete story (for kids) in 50 words or less? Even my shortest stories have been... Continue Reading →

Valentiny 2021

Many thanks to Susanna Hill for hosting another fun holiday themed writing contest on her blog.Entry information and everyone's fantastic pieces can be found here. ---------------------------- Shiny Sharp ScissorsWC 200 Sarah shivered while she stared at the scissors.The last craft session had not ended well. She had been thinking deep thoughts and not about her... Continue Reading →

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