Halloweensie 2020

It is time for the 10th Halloweensie contest. Ten years, wow! I didn’t know about it before joining Twitter, so I’m excited to both experience it and participate for the first time.

The premise is write a Halloween themed story in 100 words or fewer and it has to be written for kids 12 and under. The trick, beyond brevity, is that it has to include three words: Skeleton, mask, and creep.

My entry took five drafts to get something at or under 100 words and comprehensible, but it was a fun. It was inspired by the fact that this year Halloween coincides with a full moon, which hasn’t happened since 1974!


Gertrude Ghost, 99 words

It was Gertrude’s first full moon Halloween and she was shining with excitement. 

Not one of her yardmates shared her enthusiasm, the skeletons and zombies had seen so many and were bored. All they wanted was to creep around the graves like every other year.

Gertrude couldn’t imagine not wanting to be part of this nearly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity – although she knew it would come up again and again in their afterlifetime.

On this day, the graveyard folk could walk through the gate and trick-or-treat with the costumed and masked children.

And even ghosts like Gertrude got to eat candy.

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