How Can We Be Kind

How Can We Be Kind, Wisdom from the Animal Kingdom
Written by: Janet Halfmann
Illustrated by: Darla Okada
Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children’s Books (Quarto) – 2022
Ages: 3-6+
Themes: Kindness, animals, non-fiction.

Beginning: How can we be kind? We can look after each other, like European badgers do.

Review: Kids can be kind, but did you know animals have their own methods of showing kindness to their families and other animals they share an environment with? From badgers who help clean each other’s fur to Blue Manakins who work to make one of their group shine bright, we learn from examples in the animal kingdom that there are many different types of kindness.
The whole story is an invitation to children. We each do things in our own way, and this book encourages readers to find the way they can best show kindness to others.

30 Random Acts of Kindness for Kids
Play a cooperative game. Some good examples that also feature animals are Hoot Owl Hoot and Outfoxed!.
The backmatter introduces and gives background on all the animals in the book. You could even mark on a map where all the animals live.

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