PPBF: Digestion the Musical

Digestion the Musical
Written by Adam Rex
Illustrated by Laura Park
Published 2022 by Chronicle Books
Ages: 3-9
Themes: Digestion, the human body, humor

First page:
Act 1
Body! Body! Body! Body!
Your bones hold up your muscles,
and your muscles make you go.
And your heart will have to hustle
Just to get your blood to flow
around your
Body! Body! Body! Body!

Did you ever want to read a book that rhymes pharynx with larynx? That introduces science in impeccable, hilarious rhyme? That makes baby carrots and chewed gun look cute?
Well, even if you never had the thought before, now you do and there is the perfect book to satisfy all that craving.
Digestion, the Musical follows Candy as she takes center stage on the trip through the digestive system. We see the importance of chewing, learn what peristalsis is, and take a little digestion digression to hear about blood (aka: what the other end result of digestion is).
It’s longer than most picture books at a whopping 76 pages, but there’s a lot of information to chew on and it wouldn’t be as good of it were shorter. The rhyme is snappy and the art is a giggle a page, so it can easily hold the attention of even younger kids. Even having to turn the book sideways sometimes to get the long view of the body helps to keep the reader engaged.

For ages 7+ The Digestive System True Book and for the 3-6 year olds What Happens to a Hamburger for non-fiction to reinforce the concepts.
Digestion system craft from Living Life & Learning
And for kids who like getting a little messy, the digestion system model from Science Sparks.

More Perfect Picture Books at Susanna Hill’s website.

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