Except Antarctica

Except Antarctica
Words and art by Todd Sturgell
Published 2021

Animals are found here and there around the world. Some are found in only one small area, others are widespread. Turtles are found on every continent… except Antartica. With hilarious back and forth conversation between the narrator and the characters, we see what lengths Turtle is willing to go to prove that turtles can be found on every continent.

This book is a gem. The narrator starts with accurate facts and then slowly becomes frustrated to the fact that Turtle won’t listen and is “causing trouble.” Kids love the interplay between the narrator and narrated, and connect strongly with the turtle who is adventurous and doesn’t let anything stand in his way – not even an exasperated grownup… I mean narrator…

While the humor is the highlight for most kids, the information presented is also an enjoyable aspect. There’s a full spread at the back with more information on turtles and other animals that are found on every continent except Antarctica.

Great for ages 3 and up, especially kids who like reading non-fiction as much as fiction.

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