The Barn: PPBF

The Barn
Writer: Leah H Rogers
Illustrator: Barry Root
Publisher: Candlewick, 2021
Ages: 3-7
Themes: Memory, Farming, Animals

First page: “I am a barn.”

Review/Synopsis: The Barn is a story of the life of a barn. Narrated from the barn’s perspective, it reads with a gentle, lyrical voice. It describes the entrances and exits by the animals, the comfort and safety they find within the walls, and the beauty of the surrounding fields.
The art is gorgeous! It reminds me some of the American paintings from the 1930s in its soft, pastoral feel. Every page has so much to it that it invites the reader to sit and take it all in, but never feels busy or complicated.
This is a good one to own because everything about The Barn feels quiet and cozy, it’s easy to read and reread. Even though the pictures show more spring/summer time, the lyrical quality makes it also a perfect autumn cuddle-up book.

A coloring page with a very similar barn can be found here for free.
Timelapse of an Amish barn-raising (only acoustic music in the background)

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